Timesheet Calculator: Timesheets are always for 2 weeks. Just add your shifts for the 2 weeks in the timesheet period here and place the number of hours 'spread out' on the 5 weekdays for each week in the period as shown below the calculator.

Your Hours Total is=

Workstudy Shift Summaries

Teletube Teletube Host Tour guide Tour Host OPV
4 5 3 4 2
OPV Host Research Support Technician Support Social Media
3 2 3 1

Example: During 2 weeks, Workstudy student Icaria Planitia worked 2 OPV Cohost shifts, 2 social media shifts, 2 Saturday team meetings and 4 Regular Observing shifts. The calculator should give you a total of 20 hours. Independent of what days it was actually on you then space those hours into the two weeks of M-F as follows. This is known as 'spreading out your hours' so that finance can process them. You timesheets should look similar to below!

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
2 5 0 3 0
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
3 2 0 0 5