Past Events

Mars Occultation Event, February 18th!

On February 18th an exciting astronomical event is happening. The Moon will be hiding Mars, this is known as an occultation. A special OPV event will be happening on the morning of the 18th where we will stream the event from our 1m telescope and have staff active in the OPV chatroom.

The occultation will be starting at 7:24 am ( Ingress ) when Mars passes behind the Moon on the sky and ends at 8:49 am ( Egress ) when Mars reappears from behind the Moon. OPV will be start around 7:00 am and end after 8:00 am! 

Join us this Tuesday for this early morning rare astronomical event!

Apollo 11 50th anniversary event - July 16th-18th 2019 :

Poster for 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing

Jupiter Opposition - June 10th 2019 :
Jupiter Opposition event 2019 poster

Total Lunar Eclipse - January 2019 :

Join us on January 20th 2019 for a night of astronomy under a total lunar eclipse.

Screening of Sci-Fi movie 'Clara' - 2018 :

Leonid Meteor Party - 2018 :

Meteor Party info poster

Meteor Party info poster

Orionid Meteor Party - 2018 :

meteor party info poster